Fire Within

We all have that fire burning inside of us, the one that drives us, gives us passion for things in life. Sometimes our fire could light the world and sometimes it is just a burning ember. The flames burn bright when you are excited and motivated. If you’ve ever walked out of an event with a motivational speaker you will feel unstoppable and ready to take on the world. If you do not feed that fire, it will start to extinguish itself. You feel exhausted and that is when you are left with the burning ember.

The good part about the burning ember is that it still holds heat and energy and can be rekindled at any given moment. What feeds your fire is the question? For me it can be a book that I need to read again, a quote, a video, or a song. Sometimes I need someone to talk to that understands me. Later we will talk about who that person is for you. The person that deserves to know you and has earned the right to share your deepest self.

I was watching a documentary on the USS Indianapolis and I noticed something about the men who suffered that horrific tragedy. After days in the water you could tell that most had lost hope of survival, and the fire in their eyes was all but gone. They had witnessed their mates die in ways most of us could never imagine. After days of being in the water some had completely lost hope and accepted their fate. All it took to reignite their fire for life was a plane flying overhead.

You have seen the look of someone who has lost all hope. Their eyes do not sparkle, and they seem to stare into space. They need a catalyst. What will it be? Once you find what that is for you, you need to remember to practice it. You cannot do yoga for one day and be good at it for life, you have to practice it. You get my point. FEED YOUR FIRE!

Have you ever been working out and you want to give up, throw in the towel, and you have talked yourself out of why you cannot do it? All of a sudden someone who believes in you gives you the words of encouragement that pushes you past the stages of defeat. You push harder, feel stronger, found energy you did not know you had. That is your fire! We all have it. We just have to learn what fuels it.

I once went to an event for female business owners and I walked out of that place ready to conquer the world. I was going to be the best business lady to ever walk the earth. I was motivated, driven, unstoppable, and then a few weeks later, defeated. How could I let this happen? I did not find the tools to feed my fire properly. Sometimes we make unrealistic goals that can kill dreams or we expect things to fall in front of us without much effort. All of these things can suffocate your fire.

I want you to think about what motivates you? How can you ignite your fire for life and for love of yourself. I know